More LA TwiCon 2011 Videos


Vid Compilation by fiercebitchstew More vids under the CUT
Different camera angle of the Q and A

Part 1 - Vids by kate111333

Part 2

Part 3 What's your favorite line? (Vows)? Were you happy to be rid of the contacts?

Part 4 How did you feel about the wedding dress?

Part 5 Favorite memory you'll take away with you? (gazebo answer from Rob)

Part 6 Kristen talks about wedding scene and birthing scene. "My boyfriend is English" etc.

Part 7 Kristen talks about auditioning Rob for Twilight. "Lots of...prancing.""Thank you Kristen!!"

Part 8 Kristen fixes her hair. Thanking the fans. "Pull your pants down" or whatever...Twilight fans are 'clinically insane'

Part 9 Signing the big banner and waving goodbye!

Entrance - Vid by  ljtwilights

Full Video by epnebelle