SWATH Actor, Markus Copeland Tweets about Kristen

MarkusCopeland Kristen stewart is really pretty in person!
Shes lovely. She was cool.
You met Kristen Stewart? @ItsMeganImpey Not really, we were just filming together (she was an extra and I was the lead, or something like that)

For everyone who's asking, no I didn't talk to Kristen Stewart, she literally walked past me, she was cool, she's a hardworking actress and I can't talk about the scene I shot today, though I will say it should look AWESOME!
@ItsMeganImpey oh I see! She's pretty hot init. Yes mate! She is. I wanted to give her a hug, like. Seemed really down-to-earth. Well... for Snow White, at least!
@FanPageKS She's REALLY pretty in person. but also seemed cool and down-to-earth. But then, you knew that...

Mr.Copeland plays a villager extra