TwiTrinity Video: Rob, Kristen and Tay. You Can Count On Me

Vid by my sweetie, Libenet Thanks hun. OME!  Love this Lib! Luv you more. Tay is such a sweet kid and a great friend to our lovebirds...the cutest third wheel ever. lol. Aww cute song too. Clicks repeat. :D

Libenet "This is about the wonderful Twitrinity friendship. The power of 3 :). The vid is dedicated to S. Because, 2 years ago, when I became a Robsten fan, Taylor was merely, for me, a cute third wheel. And S.'affection for the boy was just too contagious. Now, I really love Taylor. He's a geniune sweetheart and a real friend to both Rob and Kris. I owe it to you S. Luvya! :) - This is also for my dearest SKS, as a group. Because this song really reminds me of them. Of what we share, despite the distance. - Hope you'll like it guys. I enjoyed making it anyway ;) - Song : You can count on me (Bruno Mars)

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