Details of Rob on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'. Plus Live Stream Links


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Check them out at 11:35 pm
Live Stream 1 Live Stream 2
Live Stream 3- NBC East ET time

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I can't answer all your questions about your locations' time difference, like what Edward says,  "You can Google it." Thanks. 

Taping of the show is now over. Details Tweets/Spoilers under the CUT

Tweets TwiFans Just got done. Rob in grey suit with tight fitting pants and a brown button up. SMEXY
Rob talked the vanity fair cover and said it was an Amish boy George look #robonleno
He talked his Rossetti. Said he karaoke for 5 hours in a deserted bar in Lubbock Texas #robonleno
He talked his car in storage that is all cobwebbed up and has no roof cause it fell off
He loves beef jerky and classic dr pepper. He bought boxes full in Texas.
Rob was dancing a little bit during the commercial break. He left with Alice coopers cane.
They showed an amazing WFE clip with Jacob & marlena on the train and rob asking Reese to go with him. AMAZING
He is currently is renting cars as his transportation and gets a camry when he feels sporty. Lmao.
Screencappers heads up. There is a pic of Tai picking him up in his mouth.
Funny WFE fact. Rob said Reese rolled under Tai and Tai "farted" and has a "big ass". The fart lingered & Reese was a trouper.
Ps. When Rob says "chassy" you may all die. Also when he says "sporty". Mass murder and giggles.
Toe tapping and boogieing rob was squee. Wish I u could have seen

via ROBsessed wore a deepish tight/tailored gray suit, taupe shirt, no tie, slightly unbuttoned, shaved, dark brown shoes, black socks.
shared more funny stories about that classic BMW and his car problems. Very cute and funny.
#RobonLeno the #WFE clip was awesome. His accent is to die for. The scene with "It has to be now" extended. Reese and Rob are rockin it.
#RobonLeno said his VF cover was a mix of Boy George and Amish LOL very funny stories about how to shoot with an alligator draped over him.
Rob talked about what he drives now and described his version of a "spohrtee" car.
He talked about road trip. Funny story about beef jerky and Jay gave him a gift. He was so surprised. Tried to eat it during break.
Gave the best story about Tai and Reese...we got some great audio clips coming
You thought it would be this sweet story then he busts out with arse and it's comedy time with Rob.
he talked about the fam again. Dad and sisters. Being called Claudia and wearing pigtails. Wished he brought his fam for stories. He talked to Dad last night asking to send him emails/material lol
got to keep the cane Alice Cooper used during the musical performance. He was giddy about it when he showed Dean.
talked about karaoke in Lubbock and singing I Believe I Can Fly. Also enjoying a hot dog over the peace pipe in Zuni, NM lol
one of the best things ever. We got to see the infamous Rob pic with Tai. When she has him upside down in her mouth. Cute stories