Billy Burke Talks 'Breaking Dawn. Mentions Charlie-Bella Scene

ReelMovies by Gabrielle Compolongo Billy Burke Talks Breaking Dawn, Red Riding Hood, and Working With K-Stew

People are comparing this movie to Twilight. Why do you think that is?
Here’s what my guess is. There is a love triangle. There’s a young girl and two gentlemen vying for her attention. That’s probably the biggest comparison. Other than that, there’s a wolf in it. [laughs] There’s sweeping shots across the mountains in the trailer and there were some in Twilight, so I think that’s what people are looking at.

Any update you can give me on Breaking Dawn?
I’m here in Vancouver right now filming. The stache is here in all its glory. After this film, I’m not sure the stache in this form will ever return to my face. This has been a great gig for me. I don’t think that there’s any relief at all, if there were more books and more movies, I’d probably keep coming back. It’s a fun role to play and I love the peeps involved. As far as being sad, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’m certainly not going to be glad, though.

Fans are dying to know if the scene between Charlie and Bella after the wedding be kept in the movie?
I do have a scene with Kristen directly after the wedding, before they take off for the honeymoon.

SunTimes Billy Burke knows he might be the most clueless father in history. As Bella’s pop in the “Twilight” saga, he never really has noticed that his daughter is, oh, dating a vampire.

I know, I know,” says actor Billy Burke. “He doesn’t know. My character Charlie does have to resign himself to being oblivious.”

Especially now. In the two upcoming “Breaking Dawn” movies, Bella and Edward will make it all public. The “Twilight’ers” now are filming the last installment of the hit franchise. “He finds out and his entire world gets cranked upside down,” says Burke.

As for a vampire son-in-law, he opines, “The way Charlie explains it away is that he understands his daughter is her own person. She will do what she wants to do. She will go after what she loves. He respects that.”

Filming will conclude in April. “This is it,” Burke says. “There are no more books. I’m not sad. It’s been a good ride. It can’t go on forever, even though I’m sure in the hearts of the ‘Twi’ fans it will. I’m just proud of be part of Hollywood history.”