Flashback Post: Some Hot Edward and Bella Twilight Kissy Caps

Nothing new. Just some old hotness that is the Twilight Kiss. 
We need to get ready for the honeymoon anyway.

This 'hover shot' is so sexy. You can almost hear her sighing.
Robward's hand on her wrist. Gah.

Breathe me...

Oh yeah, some tongue...

Passion...  Wanting more.
Oh okay, shoot those Isle Esme scenes now... I'm effing ready... lol

To give in to your requests. I'm reposting this vid. The 'hover scene' - starts at 2:05. Again, its from Bella's Lullabye an Exclusive Extra from the WalMart Twilight DVD.

Credit goes to MoonlightRus for this fuckhawt vid! Again this is just a repost.