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The actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen posed for pictures with some Crickets staff and adoring fans, while others crowded the streets hoping to just catch a glimpse.

Actor Robert Pattinson made a pit stop at Cricket's Bar and Grill in Lubbock, just off the Texas Tech Campus Monday night. While the waitstaff expected a slow night due to the Labor Day holiday, they quickly learned it would turn into a frenzy.

Brittni Vivion, a waitress at Crickets said Pattinson went unnoticed for almost four hours before the realization set in.

"He came in around 5 o'clock at our happy hour shift. Nobody really noticed that it was Robert Pattinson until about 9 o'clock and finally a couple of bartenders and waitstaff asked him and then he kind of denied it at first and then eventually he fessed up and said that it was him. And so the word got out and about 20 minutes later we had a rush of girls come in. They were just flaunting themselves over him. We finally had to shut the bar down and not let anybody else in cause it was just crazy, said Vivion."

Pattinson left the bar at closing time through a back exit. Bystander Marissa Mason described the scence as a chaotic.

There is no official word on why Pattinson was in Lubbock. But theories on various gossip sites indicate he may have made the stop on his way to New Orleans where his Twilight co-star and real life love interest Kristen Stewart is shooting a movie.

"There was just a large crowd of girls just screaming and standing around hovering around the windows and doors and their were cameras out, everyone had their cameras out trying to take pictures of everything inside. There were several police out and just directing traffic, making sure people didn't stop, a lot of people were trying to stop and see what was going on."


Rob Pattinson was spotted in Lubbock, Texas at Cricket's Sports Bar on Broadway on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010. No one knows why he was here but he was with like 2 other guys. People were posting the news all over Facebook and the bouncers quit letting people in because over 200 girls showed up..

..and were waiting outside the front door. He sang karoke and waved at the girls in the window occasionally. I went to the back door because I figured that would most likely be his way of getting out. At about 1:30 AM a white truck driven by a..

..police officer followed by two other cop cars pulled up to the back door and Robert and his two friends walked out and got in the car. The police blocked off the streets so it was impossible to follow him.source

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There is a reason that Facebook is referred to as a social network. The largest influx of young women arrived after Pattinson’s local appearance was announced via Facebook postings.

The actor was first recognized by Cricket’s waitress Brittni Vivion, a 20-year-old Tech student from Athens, and her friends.

“We noticed that he looked like Edward,” Vivion mentioned Tuesday. “At first, he said he was not him (Pattinson). But then he kind of noticed that we were not stupid, and he told us.”

The waitress said Pattinson arrived at about 5 p.m. with two friends, and stayed until just shy of the 2 a.m. closing time. He was unable to depart before women jumped on the hood of his vehicle, despite a police presence.

Management placed one of its doormen close to Pattinson’s table, with orders to keep other customers from taking pictures and otherwise bothering the actor.

“He was a real quiet guy,” said Vivion. “Monday is our Karaoke Night, and his friends even got up and sang some karaoke and played pool. But he (Pattinson) was just there to hang out.

“What we heard is that they were traveling to New Orleans.”

Word got out via Facebook, and police arrived after 11 p.m. to provide crowd control. A rumor began spreading that Pattinson had bought out the bar.

Vivion explained, “After the Facebook listing, the first 50 girls showed up out front almost at once, and the manager decided to shut the doors at 11:30 p.m. and not let any of them in.”

Thirty minutes later, Sarah Caldwell, a 19-year-old international business major at Tech from Midland, rushed over with her friend, Caroline Wheeler, also of Midland.

It was Wheeler who found an 11:30 p.m. Facebook listing about Pattinson visiting Cricket’s. She called Caldwell, and they arrived at midnight, joining a line in front of the bar that she estimated at “50 to 70 girls,” with more still coming.
ust being close to Pattinson “is the most exciting thing that has happened to me,” said Caldwell, who admits to being an “obsessive member of Team Edward” who already plans to relive Monday by watching her copies of the “Twilight” videos again this week.

Caldwell believed that Pattinson had “bought out the bar” because, “By the time we got there, they were only letting guys into Cricket’s.”

When a Cricket’s employee let it be known that Pattinson planned to leave by the back door shortly before closing, Caldwell said, she didn’t think twice about waiting another hour and a half.

“I was sitting on a gas pipe outside the back door, waiting,” she said, “and right on cue, a white truck rolled down the alley with two (police) cars trailing.”

At 1:50 a.m., Pattinson emerged.

Caldwell recalled, “Girls were running from opposite ends of the alley. After he got in the white truck, girls started jumping on the hood. Some girls tried to hang on to the back.”

Caldwell said that she was able to reach out and touch Pattinson’s arm as he walked from the bar to his getaway vehicle. Just before that, she videotaped his dark exit with her cell phone.

She said her friend was even more excited.

“Caroline got so close that she said she was able to pull out one of his arm hairs,” said Caldwell. “But she lost it in all the excitement. lubbockonline/ jittzpattzing

After spending a guys’ night out in L.A. last Friday, Robert Pattinson packed up and hit the road with a few of his pals, stopping first in Arizona on Saturday night and continuing on to New Mexico..

There was a bearded sighting of Rob in Santa Fe, where he told a restaurant patron he was road tripping with some guy friends.

Now where to, exactly?  We can’t help but think he’s heading out to see Kristen Stewart, who’s filming On the Road in New Orleans.

Rob was spotted having dinner with a few friends at Galisteo Bistro Sunday night in New Mexico. There were a couple of excited fan tweets, and another girl who worked at the restaurant posted on her Facebook page how Rob was “very polite, quiet, undouchey and knows his wine.”

Scruffy Pattinson, dressed in dark jeans, a dark gray tee, a white over shirt and baseball cap, was spotted out at a bar Monday night in Lubbock, Texas, where he took some pics with some very excited girls.

Rob and his boys were at Crickets Draft Bar and it eventually became so overflowed with fans, police came to escort him out the back alley where more girls were outside—some even in their pajamas they were so excited just to catch a glimpse of R.P.

Still, we’re told by patrons inside the bar Rob was “very, very nice” to people who approached him. One guy in the road trip crew sang karaoke while Rob was bopping in his seat to Michael Jackson’s “PYT.”

Stewart is scheduled to be filming in New Orleans until early next week, so if Rob is heading that way, why wouldn’t he pay his gal a visit? He has been on such good behavior here in L.A.; he should be rewarded and get to see his babe and BFF.

Rob left Lubbock yesterday morning (some people claim to have seen him at an IHOP and at a Jiffy Lube) to get back on the road. .source