New Pics of Rob with Fans - Road Trip 2010 Houston, Texas Stop

Don't you love guy fans? 
I see you TCA Blue and Che G. shirt lol
I also love that he always has his cap on and before you know it, Rob will surprise us with more gorge-than-ever 'S-E-X H-A-I-R. Yipee!

Sam Bradley

Rob wearing his signature LB cap, playing a guitar. Stalkerish, I know.
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Some tweets...
Watching Robert Pattinson sit on a Dracula pinball machine jam on his guitar with a guy with a fiddle. Surreal.

I took my picture. He made fun of me. It's all good. New FB profile pic, yo!!

R pat, sam bradley and friends jamming by the pin ball machines at xxx.
For you twilight fans, robert patinson is at xxx right now.

Robert Pattinson was totally munching on some BBQ on the patio of the restaurant I work at today, same hat and beard he had in Lubbock.

i love how my brother calls me at midnight, just to tell me he met robert pattinson at his show, and robert bought him a beer.

Rob  didnt sing. Played guitar tho. Some girls tried to record but Tomstu shut it down. passing thru. Hes on road trip w buddies. i was there. Place was not busy at all. Ppl were just jammd in back. It was def a Rob kind of place.

Not all who are asking for pics with Rob are his fans. Like this very disrespectful person. Makes me so upset! Grrr. Rob was being so accommodating and friendly and this is what he gets.