John Isner Asked Kristen Out on a Date

When asked whether there’s a lady in his life, John proclaimed, to the delight of female fans everywhere, that he’s “very much on the market.” He went on, “I want someone easygoing, someone easy to talk to. I want to be able to sit on the couch and watch football with her.” We’re guessing that Georgia Bulldogs fans would move to the top of the list… But it was John’s agent, Sam Duvall, who spilled the real beans on John and the ladies. He recalled John’s post-Wimbledon Letterman appearance: “Kristin Stewart from Twilight was on the show, too. And John said to me, ‘Hey she’s kinda cute!’ So as she was leaving and shepherded quickly into her SUV, John sauntered up and tapped the tinted window. She lowered the pane and John craned down to stick his head in— and asked her out for dinner. Apparently she had a premiere, or so she said…”

This Southern gentleman has a “ladies first” outlook on life and surely would have taken Kristen for a feast at his fave Les Halles. And of course, it would have made Twilight fan Sam supremely jealous.


This was during Kristen's guesting on David Letterman last June 28th. John Isner presented the Top Ten List  for that evening. 

Well, he can try and ask and I'm sure Kristen was just being polite. haha. Imagine seeing this.  Sorry John, our girl is very much taken.