Rob Pattinson - One Of Britain's Celebrity Crushes

A survey of 1,843 men and women revealed that Robert Pattinson is one of Britain’s celebrity crushes. Find out more about the results published in The Telegraph below.

Robert Pattinson

A lovely progression that we wish we could plot on a chart: R-Patz is right up there in popularity with the young (17 per cent of 18-24s) but drops off smoothly as the audience gets older (13 per cent of 25-to-34-year-olds, five per cent of 35-44s, two per cent of 45-54s, just one per cent of over-55s). Whether this is because the older generation haven’t heard of him or because they would feel uncomfortable with the cradle-snatching aspect is not clear. Most interestingly, the women with two-child in their household continues to be anomalous. Just five per cent of women with two children in their household are interested, less than half of those with one or with three or more 12%. We have no convincing explanation for this.
source via RPLife

The stats are killing me- LOL I know my Flippy has a smarter comment on this. I can't wait...