Rob and Kristen in Popcorn Mag- Germany WIth Translation

Now, I hope we can get some of our German friends to translate this; that would be wonderful!

Thanks to our new friend, Lauren who graciously translated Kristen's part for us!

Kristen's translation

Chin: Ordinary and equally formed.
Meaning: Kristen is all in for harmony and her ambition keeps within reasonable limits.

Nose: Her nose is narrow with the wings turned up just a little. People with features like this are anxious, too cautious, but also sensitive.

Forehead: Kristen's forehead is high but rather narrow which stands for defiance and mistrust. She's a careful and less-willing-to-take-risks kind of girl, who can also get a little bitchy from time to time.

Hair: Kristen wears her hair open and with a center part. No sign of styling! Someone who's coiffured plain like that doesn't want to attract attention. Kristen's not the kind of girl wanting to occupy center stage.

Eyes: Her eyes are pretty 'open' but still narrow in their form, which tells us that she's more of a realistic type of girl. She's not the romantic dreamer, but rather a down-to-earth, practical type.

Mouth: Her full lips stand for sensuality. Kristen knows how to handle some good-lovin.
the lower lip is swung downwards, which means that Kristen is rather scared, pessimistic and humorless.

Conclusion/Yellow field: Kristen Stewart is ordinary, introverted and very down-to-earth! She would never want to attract too much attention at big events. When she's with friends she's rather thoughtful and withdrawn into herself.
She's definitely not comfortable with walking up to somebody she doesn't know.
Kristen tends to be taken as a little bitchy.
She balances pros and cons to a hair's breadth with every decision. She doesn't open up to anybody until she feels that she can trust that person and is safe with them. When it comes to love she can be passionate, sensual and definitely hot-blooded.

Rob's translation: From ROBSessed, posted by Susanne.

Chin: A wide chin stands for perseverance and self-confidence. A guy like Rob doesn´t let get himself worked up very easily.

Mouth: A beautiful, even mouth with lips that are rather small. Roberts sensitive, creative streak is unmistakable. But: He tends to ponder and to lock himself away from others.

Nose: His nose is strong and pointing downward. This stands for ambition, sense of justice and a strong will. On the other hand, the wings of his nose are not very wide, which means it´s hard for Robert to put himself in somebody elses shoes.

Eyes: A clear, almost piercing glance as well as bushy eyebrows. Robert can be dominant, almost bossy. He is determined and very ambitious. When it comes to sex he is demanding and dominant. A very confident guy who exactly knows what he wants and how he gets it.

Forehead: Robs forehead is high and broad which stands for intelligence and perseverance. Over-ambitious people like him want to run their head against a wall. If it doesn´t work out, they´re freaking out!

Translation of the yellow field.
Conclusion: Even though he´s not a friend of big words - Robert Pattinson is a born fighter, is setting clear goals and doesn´t go astray. A guy with strong principles. But patience is not one of his strongest features: If something goes wrong, he´s freaking out! That makes him a loner. He´s openminded only if it suits him. His dominance and willpower are remarkable. He wants to lead the way - also in his lovelife. His greatest fear: to be a failure!