RobSten Fan Encounter At the Winter Gardens, IOW

Here's the excerpt of the fan encounter that happened in the Winter Gardens, Isle of Wight. New Year's Eve. Too cute! Teehee. Register with my affiliate, RobstenLoveCom HERE and read the full post. Thanks to Cee and all the mods!

"We started at the back and midway through the song we ended in the middle/back at which point my flatmate elbowed me and screamed "It's Cedric Diggory!" and pointed to a tall guy in a black/dark grey (not sure b/c of lighting) hoodie.

I totally didn't recognize him at first he had a full on beard but then I saw or actually heard Kristen's American accent who btw is TINY. Don't remember what she was wearing because Rob was standing in front of her with his hands on her hip/waist and they were getting into the song. They were laughing and singing along and seemed to be in great spirits. A bunch of friends were around them and the only one I could recognize was TomStu (loved him in Like Minds). At this point I averted my eyes cause I didn't want to look like a creeper or some crazy fan interrupting them.

Night went on and didn't see them again until I went to the bathroom and realized Kristen was in there as well. Some fans had recognized her and approached her for autographs while she was washing her hands on a napkin (facepalm! 2nd hand embarrassment). She was very nice about it and laughingly apologized when she got their napkin wet.

When I got out she was still signing another girl and we left out the door at the same time. I internally squeed when I brushed shoulders w/ her but even bigger surprise was seeing Rob (who I wasn't really sure was him b4) standing around the corner waiting for her to come out. Definitely him. She must have been there a while because he had 2 drinks one full (assuming that was for her) and another partially gone. Rob approached her and he kind of gave a knowing sigh. Any way friends and I were refueling on drinks and saw a brown/blond hair girl pulled Kristen onto the dance floor when I Love Rock and Roll came on and the two of them were spinning around and having a great time. Couple of seconds later Rob and more friends joined and had to LOL at Rob's dancing. They were all just hoping around and having fun. Didn't seem like they cared who was around, very care free."

Thanks to JittzPattzing for the tip.
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