Chocolates and Pringles For RobSten?

"While much of Young Hollywood hit up hot parties in LA and NYC, Twilight couple Robert Pattinson, 23 and Kristen Stewart, 19 rang in 2010 in the UK's out-of-the way, Isle of Wight. On December 31, the publicity-shy pair, who appeared to be travelling alone delighted shoppers at a local market while picking up chocolates and Pringles. "Rob was hot!", resident Kirsty, tells US. That night, witnesses saw the duo take in a show by English rockers, The Pretty Things, though the twosome were careful to avoid any PDA."

Thanks to GTwilighter

Update: The Pretty Things will be in Ventnor in Jan 16, 2010. Check here, so it's either RobSten bought their treats way too early for the concert, they went to another event (which is more credible), or time-travelled, I am not even sure if vampires do this, or The Pretty Things had special show for the BritPack. RobSten can already command this, I'm telling you, but knowing how they are with money. Tsk, tsk. Well, Rob maybe trying to impress Kristen. Look what you've done to me. I am overthinking again,,,grrrr.
Oh! US mag, get your facts straight? Teasing RobSten fans is never a healthy thing for anyone!!!