RobSten Dreading NM Promo. Meet Rob in Japan.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will travel the world in November to promote Twilight sequel New Moon – and they’re dreading it!

The couple — currently filming the third Twi flick, Eclipse, in Vancouver, Canada — are apparently not looking forward to being quizzed about their romance.

“Rob and Kristen love the acting; but they hate everything else — the publicity and hype — that goes with the Twilight franchise,” a source told a tabloid.

“They’re dreading giving interviews because they know people will try and ask them about their relationship.” source

These two really don't enjoy lying and exposing whatever it is that they have at present. So, it is just obvious that they wanted to dodge the "chemistry" and relationship questions now (read Comic Con 09). I think this is already one way of indirectly telling us, "yes, something is going on and we want to keep it to ourselves". I totally support RobSten on this. Whatever they need to be happy and to stay together. I am all for it! Don't you?

Meet Rob and Chris Weitz in Japan!

Purchase of the "Ultimate Twilighter's Ticket" means you'll get to meet Robert Pattinson and Chris Weitz on November 3rd, see New Moon on November 17th, and get a chance to attend the Los Angeles premiere! This is the perfect news to all our Japanese Twifriends, calling out Maika and half1119. You guys are so lucky! Read more of the details in Robsessed.
Thanks to Thinking of Rob for this untagged photo from the Premiere shoot. Great job!