Rob on New Moon

Some more New Moon talk Rob did on previous interviews and also an excuse so Icould post this gorgeous Rob pic. Sigh.
“It is a love story, but there is something that gives a darkness to it,” he said. “I think most people like to have a secret in their relationship with their girl or boyfriend.

“It keeps things exciting. And, honestly, while it’s not an action film, this one is much more masculine. I didn’t feel as though I was doing a girly film and I could relate to this one way more.
“The second was always my favorite book and there is a lot of fighting in that. Also, in this one, what Edward goes through is a lot more relatable for guys, whereas in Twilight, it was quite difficult for me to express it.

“Anyone who has had a relationship break-up will understand if I have done it right.Showbizspy
So Rob, what secrets do you keep with your "non-girlfriend"? lol.