Rob is Kristen's Only Friend - Boohoo

Kristen Stewart is so unpopular on the Vancouver, Canada, set of the latest Twilight movie — her boyfriend Robert Pattinson is the only cast member who bothers to talk to her, it has been claimed.

According to Australian tabloid Famous, the 19-year-old actress is “snobby” and “miserable” and becoming an “outcast” on the set of Eclipse.

“She doesn’t have a friend left on set except for Robert Pattinson,” a source dished. source

I was already decided to forego this nonsense news but then again. The title made me crazy weird...yet again. Oh I know you love me when I turn crazy weird on you my lovelies.

Uhmm, okay. Kristen's only friend is Rob. And that would be a bad thing? Who effing thought of that? I would trade all my friends for one hot RPattz any day and I would never take it against them if any of my pals would do the same. Come's Robert Pattinson - he is not some Zac Efron or Chase Crawford. He is jus the hottest "vampire", sloppy yummy Brit ever to grace our subconscious. That is def a no brainer to anyone. Ok,