New Rob Pic in Interview - Papz Update

Trust Rob to save the day! With all craziness about their latest pap encounter. Just a new picture of RPattz can very well calm the storm. This guy cannot really take a bad photo. This has been found in the latest ish of Interview Magazine (Oct/Nov) with Kristen on the cover, apparently there is a sorta bonus big pic of Rob inside! From that Marc Sagal photoshoot

If you wanna see how they are badly treated. Being hounded by Papz even inside their hotel. Check
socialitelife for the vid, shivers. How did this happen? I really cannot understand. The hotel's security must be reprimanded or will they be transferring hotels now. It was being debated yesterday if it was the restaurant's elevator or at the hotel's, well, sad to say its their actual hotel's lift. The papz went inside, shot more pics and vid. Totally ridiculous! In the vid, you'll see Rob kinda talking to Kristen and most def trying to calm her down.

Thanks to our
source for the magazine pic. Hey, we have a new follower Hayley Lauren, welcome girlfriend!