Last Few Days of Eclipse Filming

David Slade and crew is almost on the homerun for Eclipse's principal production. Bella's house had been torn down, sniff sniff. Time really goes by too fast when you're having fun. We are down to the 20's on our New Moon countdown and The Twilight Saga is on a roll. Thanks to newsflic for the details on the going-ons in the Eclipse set while they come to a close.

Thanks to Kamin for the tip and to malicious mandy for the use of her pic.

"Summary of filming from October 15th 2009.
Two weeks to go in production, David Slade has been updating his twitter for the almost 100,000 fans that eagerly await the next 140 character tidbit of Eclipse news.
This is what I have found out about filming last week and this week.

Oct 15th
Exterior mountain peak campsite, they realize Victoria has found them,
Riley and Victoria appear,
Bella saves the day.

Edward and Bella's tent,
Bella wakes up alone,
Kristen, Rob, Xavier and Bryce all worked that day.
They continued on these scenes on Friday (Oct 16th) and picked it up again on Monday (Oct 19).
(all this inside a sound stage at Canada Motion Picture Park in Burnaby)
Cullen family on second unit - filming battle scene.(this has been ongoing for 8 weeks)
Carlisle and Esme beat Bree,
Bella and Edward meet Jacob in the clearing and then head off into the mountains.
(some of these scenes were shot a few weeks ago and additional scenes are added scenes to bring it all together)

Jacob carries Bella through the forest.
Bella brushes the trees with her blood.

"Battle Ground" is at the Swiss Gun Range on Quarry Road.
They have been filming at that location for nine weeks. Apparently David Slade loves Port Coquitlam,
It seems the majority of New Moon and Eclipse has been filmed in PoCo and Minnekahada Park. Jacob's house is the only set location that any fans can see in that area because all other locations are protected by large "No Tresspassing" signs. "