K11 Talks to Jules Mann-Stewart AKA MamaStew

From the Examiner.com .and Team411 talked with Kristen's mom.

" I think by now we’ve established that Team 411 likes Kristen Stewart. We find her original, individual, and altogether admirable. In the face of the world telling her she should act that way, or say this thing, she remains true to herself. Though she may at times be nervous, she is always confident and self-assured. There’s a lot to like about Kristen Stewart, so we’d like to turn the spotlight to a person who has had a big role in making her the young woman we know and love today, her mother, Jules Mann-Stewart.

That’s right, today we celebrate MamaStew.

We heart MamaStew, almost as much as we heart her daughter. We’re all about the Stew’rents in general, but thought we’d shine a little light on the woman who not only raised the Queen of Badness herself, but will be directing her in her next project, prison drama K-11. Mann-Stewart was born in Australia and educated at Sydney University before moving to the United States to work in film production. For thirty years she has been one of the top script supervisors in Hollywood. What does a script supervisor do? She’s the person standing next to the director, making sure the production is running on schedule. She keeps track of what’s supposed to be filmed on any given day, what was actually shot, and makes sure that each take syncs up—you know what, just Google “script supervisor.” Read more here

Don't you just love the original kick-ass Stew? And she adores Rob, wow! Think pictures after the MMA. Btw, Kristen ranked #10 Most Searched Woman in AOL. Well, I don't know why Fox girl always manage to top her, I don' get it. Kristen is way better than her in ALL aspects. Anyway ladies, the lovely Ashlice tweeted...