Vote for Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Glamour's Sexiest Under 30 features 30 Sexiest Stars Under 30! The TwiTrinity did it again!
Name: Robert Pattinson
Born: 1986
Why They’re Sexy: R-Patz has the face of a Greek God but none of the arrogance that goes with it. Millions of teenage girls can’t be wrong!

Name: Kristen Stewart
Born: 1990
Why They’re Sexy: She may be a hot, young thing, but this actress doesn’t play by the Hollywood rules. Whether it’s wearing Converse trainers on the red carpet or refusing to conform to a squeaky-clean stereotype, K-Stew does things her way and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Name: Taylor Lautner
Born: 1992
Why They’re Sexy: Taylor went from high school-er to hunk last year, beefing up a massive 30lbs of pure muscle to secure the part of Jacob in New Moon. We’re SO not complaining.

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