Screenslam-OTRCast Interview. Parts 1-5

Screenslam's OTR Interview. Last part is up - Under the CUT

  ScreenslamThe cast share the challenges they had to conquer in order to become their characters. They spoke about having to take what they learned about the characters and apply it to their acting without letting it get in the way of their performance. Stewart compares her earlier role of playing Joan Jett in The Runaways to her role in On The Road as Marylou.

“It’s not for everyone, which is kind of the heart of the story. They’re not necessarily going to be able to roll with every crowd. I don’t find them to be rebellious. I think they’re just really truly being who they are, and they don’t fit in. ” – Kristen Stewart

 “To be able to play characters that are ridding of inhibitions and fears, we have to try to rid of our inhibitions and fears while trying to achieve a hard sort of goal at the end of the obstacle.” – Garrett Hedlund

 “Each of us did our own research as much as possible. At the end of the day you have to take in everything about what you understand from their personalities that we’ve heard from the experts and things and then you also have to then leave that behind to some extent so that it doesn’t become a burden.” – Sam Riley


Screenslam Part2 The cast of On The Road sits down with Screenslam in an interview to talk about the setting of the movie. Kristen Stewart speaks of her nostalgia for the time frame as Garrett Hedlund talks about how people were so much more free in the past and get to live in the moment. The music and the culture constructed people to feel and live freely instead of living in fear from all that was going on with WWII.

 ”I’m totally nostalgic for a time that I’ve never been in.” – Kristen Stewart
 “It deals with everything you still yearn for, just the times have changed. It’s not as free as it was.” – Garrett Hedlund
 “I think as people get older they like to romanticize that when they were young they were more rebellious and something or that the youth of today are not going to have any morals or be corrupt.” – Sam Riley.

Screenslam Part 3 The cast for On The Road continues their interview with Screenslam as Kristen Stewert talks about the difficulty of being able to relate with her character’s personality as Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley give praise to director, Walter Sallus. Stewert also notes that she never once has to think about her role, improvising came simply.

 “She’s got a nearly opposite energy to me. She’s insanely brave and I feel that I’m not quite as much as her.” – Kristen Stewert
 “You just try and be somebody that radiates life and isn’t afraid to live, doesn’t say no too often. Isn’t afraid to say yea, but isn’t afraid to say no.” – Garrett Hedlund
 “I don’t think there’s a director that could have done it the same way Walter did it. He was so immersed, I think he invested so much of himself and his life into understanding these people.” – Sam Riley

Screenslam 4 “I didn’t want to do anything after this. It raises the bar for, of course the work that you do, but just the experiences that you want to have and why you do the work you do.” – Kristen Stewart

“I don’t think there’s any actors that are working today that don’t admire the era of cinema, particularly in America – the 70′s era.” – Sam Riley
Actress Kristen Stewart speaks about the different journeys the movie takes you on the more and more you watch it.

  Screenslam Part 5“You can kind of have a different experience every time you watch the movie. It doesn’t force you to feel anything. It’s kind of rare and unique in that way.” – Kristen Stewart

 “Those that haven’t read the book say once they see the film you want them to have the same feeling as if they were to read the book, which was the feeling that all of us had.” – Garrett Hedlund

 “These people have had the same experiences, live through the same times so that whatever music they come out of touches a nerve with other people of that time. ” – Sam Riley