Kristen's Interview with The Insider. UK Press Junket

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 "These types of situations (referring to the interview) are really the only times that you have to deal with it and it feels really fitting and appropriate and it makes sense," Stewart said of her fame. "It only gets weird when it enters this strange world of suddenly you're interesting beyond your job, and some people buy in to that and think, 'Alright! Cash in! I'm like totally gonna sell myself,' and I don't think they're even aware of what they're doing."

Stewart, who has stated that she never wanted to be the center of attention as a child, added that she thinks its "weird and embarrassing" when celebrities commoditize themselves in an effort to capitalize on their fame. "I think the most interesting thing about me is the fact, right now, that were doing 'Snow White' and we're at this junket," the California native said. "People know my cat's name, which is weird. That's so interesting!—I named him 'Max,'" she added with a sarcastic tone. via KStewAngel