Kristen's Interview with HelloGiggles


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What was it about this version of Snow White that drew you in?
“It’s funny, it really didn’t have anything to do with Snow White one way or the other. I’m not just inherently rebellious; I didn’t JUST want to do it because it was different from what you thought Snow White would do. If you read the seven page Grimm story, it really is… And anyone who is going to do a full length movie and completely elaborate on it, its like this is just a different take on it. We needed to find the ‘why’s of everything. The character, for whatever reason, felt so real to me and in a world that is so unbelievable, that is kind of an exceptional thing. I just wanted to so badly join the cause, more than anything, and I just believed in it.”

Do you ever read the comments and reviews about your movies and the things you do?
“Yeah, totally. I don’t take it to heart because I remember experiences in my head a certain way and I value them so much, and I would never do them differently. Massive response is always weird. Usually things don’t matter, usually when you talk to people during interviews, things fill up in my head and I get nervous. But I am the type of person who needs to know exactly what is going on in their life ‘cos I’m a weirdo… and I need to know everything.”

A phone screen says a lot about a person, so what it yours?
“My phone screen is nothing. And that says a lot about me. I’m kind of technologically out of it. It was my cat for a while. What does that say about me?’

You’re a cat lady! In the movie you are faced with a man who is protecting you – the huntsman and your prince, who is your cute attractive love interest. Which one is more important for you to have in your life?
“Chris is pretty cute. Funny thing about our prince, he wants so badly to be the huntsman. But for some reason, the fate or the stars sort of turns things askew and the stars aligned differently when I came out of Prison and I came of age. The fate is not as clear, things just don’t line up. The Prince really has to prove himself, he is really good with a bow and he is constantly vying but the movie moves so fast it is hard to focus on the romance, but for me… I would probably want both.”

Do you think you have both?
“[Giggles] Yeah…”

You are really known for your [unique] style. You were just voted best dressed in Glamour UK, so if you could where one designer and feel really comfortable in it who would it be?
“Balenciaga!! [Lughs] I think, yeah, I mean, I just love Balenciaga. I mean, I’m not just saying that, I promise you! Yeah, you see that is the thing. Balenciaga stands out more than anyone else just because of how they are so… weird, which is so cool to me! If you are going to do something, especially like with actors and fashion and their relationship with it, it is so strange because we are not involved in the creative process, you are really only able to hang out with them and wear their stuff! It is just not often that you really run into stuff that seems like it was made for somebody’s own self rather than to be like ‘Look at this!’, you know? I don’t want to seem like a weirdo person that criticizes people for selling out, but they are genuinely artistic and I feel like a lot of designers now just aren’t!”