Kristen's Interview with Cine Premiere

Cine Premiere posted their interview with Kristen from the UK ’Snow White and the Huntsman’ press junket.

We’re shivering in the living room inside the castle where the interview is taking place, which has several drafts… or maybe it’s the legendary ghost dog that guards swear has been haunting the place for years.
“I’m really freezing!” she says, laughing.

“Maybe this speaks highly about how far we’ve come, because I can’t support the power of women without people asking me why must I refer to it as ‘girl power’, you know what I mean? Maybe it’s because I’m young and I see the industry in a different way. Yes, there’s more roles for men, but there’s more roles for women now than there were in previous decades. It’s important to me to talk about the womanhood of my characters, instead of trying to be like a man, which is what studios tend to prefer. I think there’s always been amazing stories about women, and there will always be more. Ladies have to keep fighting, but it’s going to be easier than it was before. And if you want something that sounds impossible, I say do it. Go make a movie. If you don’t have what you want you can’t go through life blaming people. Grab your iPhone and make a movie, make it happen. It sounds simplistic, but you have to pave your own way and never blaming others.”

Is there a story that you want to tell?
I’ve always wanted to make movies, that’s for sure. But I have not found the story that I want to tell. I love being an actress right now, and I’m a stage in my career when there’s so much happening that I’m obsessed with this craft. But there are some shortfilms that I know I’m making one day. The need of capturing images is definitely something that I have, and there’s things that I want to see happen, just to see how they unfold. I want to be in that position in which I can make things happen and that my name can green light things. Right now I’m working on ’Cali’ with Nick Cassavetes, it happens in the Valley, where I’m from. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but knowing that you can make things happen is a wonderful feeling.

 Translation via @TwilightPoison via kstewartnews