Kristen's Bild am Sonntag Interview

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At the end of this month your movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” will release in which you play Snow White – the only woman who’s more beautiful than Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. How does that feel?
Kristen: Lies. Charlize is badass: When she enters a room you’re blown away by her presence. Her charisma is incredible.

Is it true that they often thought you were a boy?
True. I grew up with three brothers, I even had to wear their clothes. I never felt really girly.

Did it make you a freak?
It’s rather helped me not to put so much emphasis on my appearance and to stand for hours in front of the mirror. I’m not conceited, but I feel very comfortable in my body.

Today you’re one of the most beautiful young actresses in Hollywood. Beauty there is an important good…which is, however, not worth anything, if you don’t have a good heart.
I’ve already met several people whose beauty has taken my breath at first. But after five minutes of small talk you notice how ugly the people are inside.

Would you undergo a plastic surgery should you feel uncomfortable in your body one day?
Never! I already shiver at the thought of waking up from the anesthesia and not looking like myself anymore.
Honestly, God knows, there are more important things in life than this superficial shit.
I feel sorry for the people who seriously take a surgey into account just to look beautiful.
Not to mention the fact that those surgeries represent an improvement only in the rarest cases.

Note: “Bild am Sonntag” is known as a tabloid.
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