Kristen's Access Hollywood Interview

 Access Hollywood Kristen Stewart may have acted alongside some heavy hitters in her career, but she admitted to Access Hollywood guest correspondent Tim Vincent that Charlize Theron was particularly intimidating. “She is super intimidating,” Kristen told Tim at the junket for “Snow White and the Huntsman” in London.

“You feel — her energy is like so, crazy. It’s like, just palpable. “She is challenging,” Kristen continued. “Like, I want to impress her.

 Kristen was a little intimidated by some of her other co-stars too – ones the four-legged variety. “I’m really scared of horses,” Kristen said. “Everything else I was so down for.” The actress plays Snow White in the film, and she said her character doesn’t fit into any categories. “There’s like a super, on-trend fad right now to have like, the strong woman part and I think that like, it’s lame because they’re kind of just acting like dudes,” 

Kristen said. “And Snow White is so essentially, fundamentally female… All of the action comes from oddly, like a very delicate place. Her strength is definitely in her steady nature, rather than like brawn. She’s not like going around like busting heads, which I think is cool.

 And, if “Snow White and the Huntsman,” also starring Chris Hemsworth, is a hit with viewers, Kristen said she is ready to jump back into Snow White’s armor. “I would do it in a heartbeat. I love this movie,” she told Tim of a possible sequel. “I really loved everyone that I worked with.” via fiercebitchstew/500DaysofRK/ JossMed