Kristen and Sam's Interview with ITN

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 Kristen Stewart says she does not know which man her character should choose if they decide to make a sequel of Snow White And The Huntsman. "They're not allowed to be individuals. You watch people almost connect and then just pass each other because things are moving too fast," explained the actress.

Sam Claflin meanwhile, who plays Prince William in the film, says he thinks he should win her affection. "I'd like me and the huntsman to have an all out fight and I'd like to win. You know, the prince should win the girl," he joked.

However, he then modestly added he did not think he could beat Chris Hemsworth's huntsman in a fight. "I will never look like a six foot three blonde Thor with a six pack and pecs. I was constantly standing next to him feeling very sorry for myself." He added: "I am not as good looking as that man, so I'll never get there!"