Cosmopolis Official Screening at Cannes May 25th


ETA: Cineuropa tweeted about the date of the screening/premiere in Cannes.

Yes, it is. “@vonch: @Cineuropa hey,is May 25 confirmed for cosmopolis screening in cannes?”
That's #Cosmopolis' official premiere (at 19 p.m. fmi) “@PattinsonUK: @Cineuropa Is that confirmed as the prem as well or just a screening?”
According to Cineuropa about Kinology's sales at Cannes, the official Cosmopolis' screening at the festival will be on May 25.

With three titles on show in the various Cannes selections, Parisian international sales agencyKinology, led by Grégoire Melin, is among the potential grand winners of the Film Market at the upcoming 65th Cannes Film Festival (May 16 to 27). 

Kinology will complete already quite substantial sales for Canadian-French co-production Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, a film to be officially screened in the festival’s competition on Friday, May 25.

Via RPLife  "Cineuropa is a very reliable site, but we don't know if they're confusing the screening date with the French release date (also May 25th)." Hopefully we can confirm this once Cannes' Official Schedule is released.