Cosmopolis Costume Designer talks about Eric Packer's Gucci Suit and Chanel Watch


The Hollywood Reporter In the film, Pattinson wears just one costume: a black two button notch-lapel Signoria suit by Gucci. He also wears a Gucci fitted white cotton shirt, a slim black silk tie, a leather belt with silver buckle detail and black leather lace-up dress shoes.

The film's costume designer, Denise Cronenberg, had initially approached Prada, but they weren't interested. Gucci on the other hand, who has dressed Pattinson in real life, was gung ho. "It was great because we could never have afforded those suits," Denise tells THR exclusively. "Our budget was way too small."

She adds: “After I found out that Rob wore Gucci in real life, I looked at photos of him in their suits and that was the style I wanted for his character. Gucci is not something I have used before but I think it's smart to get a line that he has already worn.”

She asked them for six suits plus the hero, equaling seven suits for the film that takes place over 24 hours spent in a limo. “The suits are beautiful and the fabric is incredible," she raves.

The first fitted white shirts Gucci sent didn’t work. “They had a seam on both sides, something that was popular in the ‘70s. Rob didn’t like them, I didn’t, either. And I had a feeling he would end up in just a shirt by the end of the film. We didn't want to shred the suit because he needed to look together even though he’s falling apart on the inside. So they sent me other shirts, ones that he had worn before and liked."

Cronenberg reveals that Pattinson kept one of the Gucci suits after the film wrapped. “Plus the belt and the Chanel watch, he kept everything,” she said. “I didn’t think he would because he has like 4,000 suits. He’s decided he may start to wear a belt now.”

Chanel initially contacted Cronenberg about placing a watch on Pattinson's character. Rob, who doesn't wear a watch in real life, liked the timepiece so much that he wore it throughout the film, even though Denise had told him he could remove it in later scenes if he felt it was appropriate.

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