Pics of Rob Shopping in NYC- March 1, 2012


popsugar Robert Pattinson stepped out solo carrying a bag as he left a Manhattan clothing boutique today.

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According to this Rob shopped at Assembly in NYC.

"He was “friendly” while he shopped, the clerk said. Although he said he was only in NYC for one day on business, he still managed to fit in some retail therapy. “He mentioned that stores in LA are very expensive. He shopped for about an hour, looking exclusively at the men’s clothing, while a car waited for him outside.” In fact, since Rob came in sans entourage and was so polite and down-to-earth she didn’t even recognize him initially! “I didn’t realize it was him at first,” she said.

Rob scooped up a coat, backpacks, boots, pants and a couple of button-down shirts that totally fit in with his stylish yet effortless look — and practically all the items were priced at under $200! "