Fan Pic of Rob at JFK- Bound for Paris March 2, 2012

smileatyourselftumblr via  Alice_intwiland

It's said to be taken at JFK. Nuff info for now.

Another update. Paris sighting.
AnnieMary83 ok so now that everybody knows, i can tell you that i saw Rob and Kris 1 hour ago !!
i cant tell where i saw them but a lot of papz were there so, you will see soon a lot of pics
i cant tell you where, but you'll see pictures soon! a lot of papz were there and followed her SUV so ...
it was just HBG, Ruth? Rob and Kris, i didnt see John, but once again everything went sooo fast!!

Another sighting mentioned the place they were at so let's skip that.

Update! Another sighting 

source i was on a plane with p diddy and robert patterson #waitwhat essplorin spain!! swear on everything they were in 1st class and diddy had his gorgeous son!!! source 2

P Diddy just arrived in Paris for PFW!

iamdiddy Paris! Haaaaa :) fashion ,food, friends, aaahhhhh! Love is in the air! :)

Thanks @vonch