Cosmopolis Poster Spotted at the European Film Market in Berlin

At 0:12.

- This week we offer you a slew of posters 'made in Berlin'
- Well duh! Germany is pretty trendy right now.
- That's because we just got back from the Berlin Film Festival and by walking in the hallways of the Film market we found the first posters for Cosmopolis from Cronenberg with Rob Pattinson. Upside Down with Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. Le Grand Soir from the duo Delépine/de Kervern. Populaire with Bérénice Béjo and Deborah François. Plus full-length movies from Michel Gondry and Ken Loach.
- Those are the movies we might see at another festival, we know the one that takes place Riviera in May ...

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