Some Updates on K-11 and SWATH. Costume Fittings and New Cast

Thanks to KStewAngel for these updates and for closely monitoring K-11 and all things Kristen. You're really an angel bb. :)

Looks like wheels are turning for K-11...

@Tiffanymulheron "Just finished costume fitting for my new film K-11. So excited to start filming.... Woo hoo!! Just finished a photo shoot with Goran Visnjic for my new movie K-11. Dressed up as a bride!! Can't wait to start filming next week!!
@KstewAngel: @Tifanymulheron Congrats on your new movie. Are you able to share what role u are playing in K-11?" Playing Gorans wife Tia..."

@ClaireSinclair__: "I film my scenes for "K11" one week from today!"
Read more of what she has to say about K-11 in an old interview source

@Billy Morrison: Google+ ....... not sure, don't quite get it yet. But I'm willing to try! Got a fitting for K-11 this morning - wonder what I'll be wearing?

And  previously rumored   to be in this project, @KatedelCastillo is now confirmed to be in the cast. Her tweets are in Spanish. Thanks yashi.

Kristen's name is back in K-11's Cast and Crew on IMDb , but no role listed. Not that the site is 100% reliable. lol Again, there is no official confirmation of Kristen's involvement in this project.

Nick Frost Joins the SWATH Cast
From Slashfilm Variety has the report, saying that Nick Frost is the seventh and final dwarf, which is slightly confusing as drafts of the script from a few months back feature eight dwarfs. The trade does not specify his role. But unless Eddie Izzard, not mentioned in Variety’s report, has dropped out, the last character remaining to be cast was that young eighth dwarf Gus, a role for which Nick Frost is perfect. Here’s the previous casting breakdown for the older dwarf characters, each of which is named for a Roman leader: Ian McShane is Caesar, the eldest. Stephen Graham is Nero, the angry one. Eddie Izzard is Tiberius, the biggest and burliest. Bob Hoskins is the blind Constantine. Toby Jones is the timid Claudius. Ray Winstone and Eddie Marsan are the twins Trajan and Hadrian. Read more

From Producer PalaksPatel ( our new BFF- lol)
@CharliesStache: @palakspatel What three words would you use to describe #SWATH 's take on the timeless tale?” Dark Epic and Emotional.
@shiloh2jo: @palakspatel i want to work on #SWATH ... Help me get a job in costume department I'm so sorry, all hired

As you all know SWATH will have a panel at the 2011 Comic Con, so I added these again.
“@SWATH_Movie: @palakspatel Will you be showing any videos during the panel Q and A? #SWATH” No spoilers, but there will be something to show “
@SWATH_Movie: @palakspatel and can you please Tweet during the comic con presentation.” If I'm allowed, I definitely will