New/Old Pics of Rob during WFE Berlin Promo. Plus Translated Interview from DYOU Mag

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Rob talks what drew him to the role of Jacob Jankowski, being a real life vet, playing a comedic role in the future, where he stands musically and more.
Thanks to Tink of ROBsessed and Nina (for the translation)

Rob's translated interview with  German DYOU magazine after the cut! Plus the full page scans.

Again, you know the drill for translated interviews. Salt shaker may be needed. lol

Translated interview and notes by Nina:

Headline: I just do what I want!

DYOU: Hi Rob, might we do that interview in german?
Rob: (laughs) I´m afraid that would be a short interview than. I just know the words "Wiener Schnitzel" and "Frankfurter" (note: thats 2 german dishes. So he wouldn´t die for hunger in Germany LOL)

DYOU: Why did you want to play Jacob Jankowski?
Rob: I read the script and I loved the role of Jacob from the beginning. But I have to say, that I get a lot of scripts to read, but I don´t like most of them at all. That was very different at this movie. Everything matched from the beginning.

DYOU: Could you imagine to study veterinary medicine like Jacob?
Rob: Not at all! I watched the process in a Horse hospital to prepare myself for the movie. And I had to learn, that this is nothing for me. I had to shave a Horses leg, that the doctors can medicate it. I was scared to hurt the animal. But apart from this I couldn't ever imagine to study anything because I wouldn't hold it out at an University for years (laugh)

DYOU: Was it fun to act with 2 Oscar winners?
Rob: It was really cool, because the two gave always their full power. Such a situation is the best thing which can ever happen to you.That makes filming a lot more fun!

DYOU: Looks like you had a lot of fun during filming. Could you imagine to play a role in a comedy?
Rob: I don´t think that comedy would be right thing for me. I don´t think, that I´m particularly funny. Beside that, I just read one ore two funny scripts until now and they were just funny, because the main actor did his role perfect. That´s a thing I couldn't manage certainly. So I stay away from that.

DYOU: Can you pic your roles by yourself?
Rob: Thats the way it is! People send me a lot of scripts but I have to say that I put most of them away very soon because I´m bored. But when I like a script that I want to play in that movie absolutely. The budget doesn't really matter, the essential thing is the role and the fun.

DYOU: Does that mean, that you will not do just blockbusters in future?
Rob: Definitely not. I can tell you that I did and independent movie a few weeks ago. I didn't get a lot of money but I had a lot of fun in that role.

DYOU: Will you do more music in future? That´s your second huge passion ...
Rob: That´s my dream. Music is really cool, because there you are your own master. In a movie you are always some kind of dummy from the director. I don´t like that as a control freak (laugh) (note: Didn´t even know that he is lol) But when I do music and especially a gig on stage, that It´s just me who decides the songs I play. And I can see people´s reaction, if they like it or not. That´s why I would like to go on tour again.

DYOU: And the last question: Are you bothered about that a lot people just see you as the vampire Edward?
Rob: Sure, I am mad about it but I have to live with that. I always try that people see me like I really am. Otherwise it will be very hard for me to do something else in future. Try to imagine that I want to be a dentist. That wouldn´t work, because every patient would think: "The guy from Twilight is supposed to be my dentist? "That´s why I will try to stay away from Vampire roles in future.