Kristen on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - May 4, 2012

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@courtjustice Kristen in a Dolce and Gabbana James Dean t-shirt and @RebeccaMinkoff "Becky" jacket in Burnt Orange.

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Kristen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno by robstenlustcom
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DrownInIt Since a few ppl have asked, some more details on Kristen's edited interview.  There was a whole exchange in between 'I had a good birthday' and 'you just flew in from somewhere, right?'

 Jay asked her what her favorite (or best) birthday was. She paused and went, hmmmmmmm. Imagine the BD First when they're asked the best gift they've received or her being asked her favorite London memory in Glamour UK. It looked like she was thinking of some answer she would never actually give (which led us to guess Budapest but she never actually said that and likely, never would.)

 When she couldn't come up with anything, Jay threw out, 21? 18? She jumped on 18 and said that it was a big deal because she could work longer hours and they talked a little about child labor laws. It was cute because Jay said sth like, you can only work 4 hours or something? And Kristen, like, put on a cute little expert voice and said, well you can work 9 hours and then you must do three hours of school (or something like that). So then she said that her bday gift was a 16 hour workday (which she's said before) and that they had a cake on set but she stumbled over that bit and first said, she had a 'clock in the shape of a cake' and then adorably corrected herself to 'cake in the shape of a clock' in typical self-deprecating Stew fashion. Jay said 'cake in the shape of a clock', that'd be interesting and she said, yeah I'm trying to figure out that one too (or something very similar.)

 Then they moved on to the talk about Vancouver. I tweeted last night that they cut just a little bit of that when they talked about the Renesmee dolls and Kristen said an infant with hair is a little weird and Jay said, well it's supposed to be creepy? Kristen giggled said, um not really.

 I think those are the only things missing from the aired interview that we saw live. I'm assuming the show just ran long (perhaps the Cinco de Leno thing) because even with her birthday hesitation, none of it seemed unusable or anything. It was actually pretty cute and I always love hearing her talk about Twilight. Hope this clears up some of the confusion about the aired interview vs. what we saw live. :)

robkris13 After the show is taped, Jay does a promo for the show with the guests like this (preview clip) They did about five different takes last night.

 They had taped one and was about to do another when Kristen suddenly said "wait!" She went over and shook hands with Skylar Laine and said "nice to meet you." Skylar looked thrilled and Jay told the audience it was "girl bonding." But I think it was more than that.

 You may recall when the musical guest finishes performing, Jay thanks all the guests and everyone comes over and shakes hands with each other. Skylar was with the band and didn’t make it over in time to meet everyone before they started taping the promos. I have no way to prove it but IMO, I think Kristen is such a class act that she didn’t want Skylar to feel left out.

 @_namelessfool She was super cute when they showed the swath clip. When the Huntsman said "TROLL!!" she was mouthing the words along too. "I wasn't trying to walk with ultimate swag" Kristen on why she wasn't wearing heels and ~~limping while walking into the show. And I'm using the word limping very loosely because I didn't even notice.She said the reshoots of BD were for the first hunt. Wishing we could have heard her convo with Randy Jackson during commercial because she looked reeeeally into the convo lol. They showed a clip of a guy doing the douggie then he got hit by an icecream truck Kirsten jumped off her seat snapped her fingers laughing. Leno mentioned how she was named best dressed in the UK and she said that still doesn't effect the way she dresses. Yeah idk what other interesting thing was said....really not a great interview but she was all sorts of adorable in it. My favorite part of the show was when Randy and Kristen fist bumped lol. Sadly it was during a commercial break.

@DrownInIt So great! Looked beautiful, red blazer and tee, skinny pants, gorge hair, adorbs interview! Love her!! Talked BD reshoots (the first hunt) and a little Renesmee. She loves Mackenzie but not the fake Nessie dolls. Asked about her fave birthday (long pause) and then prompted talked about her 18th. ay said SWATH is not a chick flick but an action flick. K said which I think is a chick flick. Def was walking with a limp. Said she wasn't just trying to have "swag" when she came out. V cool new clip in the dark forest (K briefly forgot it was aww). She made an ack face watching when they showed her close up. Leno talked abt her best dressed award from "British press" and she said that's funny bc they're so "smaht and chic." [/English accent] Said she'd rather feed a horse an apple than "kick it in the ass and tell it to go". Doesn't like being assertive with them.