Rob and 'Water for Elephants' in Total Film Mag - June 2011

Total Film UK Interviews with Rob, Reese and Francis Lawrence. Rob talks about working with 'Oscar winners', animals, the movie and more. Francis Lawrence talks about casting Rob and Reese talks a little about Rob's fans and paparazzi. There's also a short interview with Gary Johnson, Tai's trainer, where he talks about Rob. And Total Film reviews Water for Elephants.

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 And their review of the film...

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Rob quotes " You can never really predict what an audience is going to do or how they are going to perceive something. It's a very different role but I don't feel pressure to change people's opinion. You can't...if that is what you're going for people will always see through it. And they definitely wouldn't you. As soon as you jump into the ring and make it really obvious that I'm 'proving' myself to do something, then everyone's going to question it a lot harder. I really like the period 'Water for Elephants' was set in. The story was sweet.  I love working with animals. almost more than people. I wasn't a career choice. Maybe a little bit. "
On working with Oscar winner... "When they first got cast I was a little bit nervous. But it was an insurance policy. You're not just doing something where its entirely on your shoulders. When you see the trailer and it got 'Oscar winners Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon', they're giving it legitimacy already. There's something nice about that.

From Francis Lawrence "The biggest surprise is going to be Rob because he is so well known for playing a very specific character in a movie which has such a specific tone, and he's very , very different in this. One of the reasons I cast him was that when I sat down with him I felt that naturally that Rob is the character of Jacob. He has, even with everything around him, a sense of humility, and he looks at things in the world with a sense of wonder."