Charlize and Chris talk Kristen. Celebuzz and GlamourUK Interview

Celebuzz Charlize on Kristen “I think that she is going to have an amazing career” Watch @Celebuzz
Charlize, 36, said. She elaborated: "I think, as an actor, she’s doing it, because she really loves her job and she is really good at it. My experience has been, if your reasons for doing this is authentic as that and you have the tenacity and guts that she has, then I think you have the right personality for this job. I think she has that."

Of course, given that Charlize — who plays the evil Queen Ravenna in the film — just adopted a baby son, Jackson, Celebuzz couldn’t return to the States without asking about her new life as a mom — specifically, whether or not she’ll read Snow White to her new bundle of joy.

 “I’m gonna have Kristen come over and pretend to be the bad guy, just so that my son loves me more!” she quipped, on how she will explain her villainous role to Jackson. via kstewartnews

  GlamourUK Chris Hemsworth on Kristen."She's great."
Q: Would you like to work with Kristen again?
Chris Hemsworth: "Yeah, she's great! It's one of the best times I've had on a film."

 Q: How did it feel getting punched by Kristen?!
 C: "Painful, scary, and I wouldn't want it to happen again... But if she wants a fight, I'll be in the court yard at 12 midnight!" via fiercebitchstew