Kristen and Rob's Weekend Date in LA - April 7, 2012

Celebuzz/Taryn Ryder and E!onLine report on Rob and Kristen's weekend date in LA (April 7, 2012). More under the CUT

Celebuzz/Taryn Ryder Kristen turns 22 today, so it should come as no surprise that she spent her birthday weekend with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The Twilight couple hit up Harvard and Stone on Saturday night, one of their favorite bars in the outskirts of Hollywood. Casually dressed as usual, the couple made a low key entrance and hung together inside.

If Harvard and Stone sounds familiar, it should… The bar is owned by the same people as Pour Vous, the lounge Robert Pattinson, 25, was spotted at last week. Gossip sites had a field day because he and Lindsay Lohan were both in attendance at the soft opening of Pour Vous, but as Celebuzz reported Thursday, the outing was “totally innocent” and there was “nothing more to it” than two friends supporting the owners.

E!onLine Kristen Stewart's 22nd birthday is today, but the Snow White and the Huntsman star, boyfriend Robert Pattinson and 15 of their close friends went ahead and celebrated the occasion Saturday night.

A witness tells E! News the birthday girl and her posse hit up L.A. hipster nightspot Harvard and Stone. "They were having lots of drinks on the top floor of the bar and seemed to be having fun," the onlooker says of the Breaking Dawn duo.

"Kristen was wearing a black hoodie, black leather jacket and skinny jeans, while Rob sported an Adidas shirt and a full-grown beard," the observer says. "No one seemed to notice they were there."

The group was even treated to some special entertainment for the birthday celebrations. "The bar had a burlesque show which took place every 30 minutes and they were watching that," the eyewitness adds.

Aside from the scantily clad entertainment, Rob and Kristen were laid-back, opting to chat with their friends rather than dance to the oldies music playing in the Prohibition era-style bar.

"Kristen seemed happy to just catch up with her girlfriends," adds a witness. "She didn't dance at all. Neither did Rob. But their friends were really enjoying the music."

The Twilight couple didn't get too affectionate in front of the other clubgoers, but they did walk out holding hands around 1:30 a.m.

Added! Here's HL's report and  a bucket of salt, to go with it.
I was supposed to skip this sighting because it was just one of their quiet dates/outings with friends but then it hits the gossip/entertainment columns. So here it is... It was also where Kristen's friend celebrated her birthday last February 


@Pat_Lambert Met Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart last night. Kristen liked my fur coat. #twihards are hard core. I probably shouldn't mention RPatz had a very cute Osama beard. #twihards and Kristen Stew is much shorter in person. Blending in in a black hoodie and skinny jeans... Oh Bella. #twihards when KStew said she liked the fur I should have told her I killed Jacob for it. No paparazzi. I guess we know the secret spot. We compared leather chaps and alligator clutches.
FAUX BABY BOI! Tofu Tuesdays w #KStew. "RT: She said that she would never wear fur ever so it's unlikely ah would like yours @KatnissStew" n #twihards you may see the sighting story on E! very soon... ;) #robsten.