Rob and Tay's Interviews with STV and RTE Ten- UK Press Junket

STV “I kind of had two last days. I had the last day with the majority of the cast which was a wedding reception scene and it was freezing cold and after a week of night shoots, so everyone ran away and it was kind of underwhelming.
“Then me and Kristen did one more additional shot and that was in the Caribbean, doubling for Brazil, and that was amazing.
“It was on in the beach and it was really warm, we didn’t really have to do anything. It was so dark aswell so it didn’t really matter, cause I had lost any kind of muscle definition by that point as it was seven months since I had been to the gym!”
Speaking of Kristen… Rob also said that she looked “incredible” in her wedding dress for the movie and the 25 year old spoke about his own dream wedding, although we’re guessing it’s not exactly what Kristen would have in mind.
When guys do weddings, you always think you don’t want it be all formal. You think it should be a party it should just be fun.
“All my ideas about weddings go against what people want.”
Rob also spoke about living in the “Twilight universe” and why it hasn’t quite sunk in that the saga is coming to an end.

Tay mentions 'more of shirtless Rob and Kristen in BD' and 'fighting' with Rob.