SWATH Update: Casting News, Tweets, and Site Pics

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Rachael Stirling as Anna who also starred opposite Rob in 'The Haunted Airman' as Julia Jugg. Rachael-stirling.com

Christopher Obi  as the MirrorMan has appeared in television ("Dr. Who"), film and stage. He was also the voice over for the SWATH sample/test footage, director Rupert presented at Comic Con, listen  HERE

Update! @ioecho "I wrote a poem for #SWATH which seems to be all over the internet right now."
"Who will you be when faced with the end? The end of a kingdom, the end of good men...
Will you run, will you hide or will you hunt evil down with a venomous pride?
Rise to the ashes... Rise to the winter sky... Rise to the calling.... Make her the battle cry.
Let us scream through the mountains... from the forest to the chapel.... because death is a hungry mouth... and you are the apple.
So who will you be when faced with the enemy? When the vultures are circling and the shadows descend.
Will you cower or will you fight? Is your heart made of glass or with pure snow white?"

Here's the clip from Comic Con. Initially posted here Thanks PattinsonStew for the tip.

NWEmailUK SWATH Filming at Lake District.Cast members from fantasy adventure blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman – including Twilight star Kristen Stewart – have been working on National Trust land in Little Langdale.

Cathedral Quarry and Blea Tarn are amongst the landmarks featured in the film, which is due to hit cinemas in summer next year.The crew is spending three weeks in the Lake District, and has just spent the weekend filming in Little Langdale. “The filming will highlight the amazing scenery we have around here.”

Shooting was done on a closed set, which was not accessible to the public.
On Sunday, security guards were seen keeping close watch around the site, barring over-enthusiastic observers from getting too close to the cast. American gossip websites have been busy researching the beautiful Lake District location in order to keep up with where some of the paparazzi’s favourites have been filming. viaKStewAngel

via malenacasey and SWATH4Fans.blogspot More casting news and updates at their site.

Set pics via @imoviei/Bill Darby
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Pooratty Ooo!!! Their filming @snowwhiteandthehuntsman just down the rd.Their currently filming in the lake district about 10miles out from where I live!! For snow white and the huntsman. it's all the doubles there this week. The actors and actresses are arriving next week. will do my best. Been old actors and actresses are in windsor atm. Doubles and stunt people are off o wales end of this. I own a newsagents in Ambleside and the crew members and everyone comes in here for papers cigerettes and alcohol. Lol :-) no their She shod be here end of this week cos she's in Windsor at the moment. (So Kristen could be anywhere?)yep that's totally possible most likely windsor cos that's where they filming the stars ATM.

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