New HQ Pictures of Rob and Kristen - Wrap Party/Kristen's 21st Bday

Photobucket is undergoing maintenance and sad to say all the images on the blog is affected since its the only photo server I maintain and use. I uploaded this set, Rob and Kristen's latest pics in my new photoserver, ImageBam so at least you can view them. Please bear with me.  Hopefully, Photobucket will restore the images soon. Thanks guys. 

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source Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart partied late into the night in Vancouver on Saturday to celebrate wrapping Breaking Dawn and her 21st birthday! The two were spotted sharing cigarettes outside the bash, and Robert took a turn on Taylor Lautner's motorcycle. Taylor and Lily Collins went out on a date in the Canadian city earlier in the week, and this time she got to meet the whole cast and take a turn on the bike as well as they celebrated finishing filming on the last two Twilight movies. Robert and Kristen also huddled close and shared a quick kiss outside the soiree. Rob had a bit of a James Dean thing going on when he jumped on the bike, and he looked like he was having a great time letting loose with his friends. Edward and Bella's wedding was the one of the final scenes they had to work on and they shot it this week. Robert is juggling his time between finishing up Twilight shooting obligations and promoting Water For Elephants.

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Oh look there's pics from kstew's bday / wrap party. They're on popsugar. I guess security wasn't tight like ft knox. Stay connected, as you might see a video! I'm not putting out a video. I'm saying people should look at the blogs later to see if one shows up. (Kristen) she didn't know we were there. We were very far away, no flash. That's why they're grainy. (about the vid) its out of my hands. I'm not in control of its release. To clarify I am not in control of the video and don't have any idea about its release. Details about what I know from the party come after wednesday because I don't like fake twitter reporters stealing little nuggets of info.